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     GRIKIN Advanced Materials Co., Ltd, hereinafter shortened to as “GRIKIN”, established in 2000, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GRINM Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. It has been awarded as one of National Exemplary Enterprises for Technology Innovation and Key Hi-tech Enterprises of National Torch Plan, Beijing Technology Research Center for Sputtering Target Material Engineering of High Pure Metals, Beijing Technology Center for Enterprises, one of “Billion, Ten Billion and Hundred Billion Project” enterprises of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and is a comprehensive member of Shanghai Gold Exchange.
     Grikin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. mainly researches, develops, produces and sells advanced film materials for electronic and optoelectronic applications, advanced materials for biomedical applications, precious metals and products, and provides information consulting services, technical services and hedging services for rare and precious metals. Grikin is a high-purity metal sputtering target manufacturing company with large-scale production, complete categories and first-class technical capabilities. Products include a full range of high-purity metal materials, sputtering targets and evaporation film materials for the electronic information industry. Grikin is a pioneer in memory alloy medical application in China. At present, the company has obtained four kinds of registration certificates, including orthodontics, oral rehabilitation, minimally invasive surgery and orthopedics, involving eight series of products. Our products are widely used in electronic, information, medical, chemical and other industries. These products are indispensable and important materials for modern industry. They are of great strategic significance for national economy, and informatization, digitalization and intelligent society, and have broad prospects for development.

     The company currently has over 300 employees, gathering many outstanding elites of scientific research and production in rare and precious metal fields, with over 50% of the employees are professional talents and 40% talents with high education background and high titles. At the same time, the company also boosts a team of skilled and experienced technicians.

    Over the years, GRIKIN has been undertaking nearly a hundred of national and provincial scientific and technological development projects, and has won 56 ministry-level awards, 3 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 9 National Invention Awards, 2 National Science Conference Awards and 1 sub-item award of special award of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and been granted 81 national patents. During the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” and “Twelfth Five-year Plan”, the company undertook 36 key national projects, including national 02 special project, key state international cooperation project, state high-tech industrialization project and national science support project and 863 project making significant supporting efforts to the development of China’s advanced material industry. 

    In the development process, the company always adheres to the business philosophy of "entrepreneurship, innovation, development and dedication", seeks stable and rapid development, and becomes a leading enterprise with important influence in the industry.