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Product: Esophagus Stent of Memory Alloy


original product in China, mainly used for treatment of narrow esophagus or cardia and expansion of esophagus-tracheal fistula caused by cancer or other illness. The product is made from weaving of TiNi memory alloy wire, having the property of shape memory, super elasticity, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and fine biocompatibility. The product is made into grid structure, with fine lengthways flexibility and radial support to suit the natural bend and peristalsis of our esophagus. The stent can well be seen under X-ray. The surface of the stent is covered with medical silicon film, having fine permeability and biocompatibility, which can effectively prevent stenosis from relapsing. 

Product: Biliary Tract Stent of Memory Alloy


riginal product in China, used for extrahepatic common duct obstruction and stenosis. The product first launched domestic market in 2001 after getting its first registration certificate of production approval. 

Product: Shape Memory Alloy Prostate Urethra Stent


original product in China, used for expansion treatment of narrow prostate urethra caused by malignant lesions, firstly obtained registration certificate of production approval in 2001.